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What's new?

  • We've started a new blogging site which will be updated often, click here to visit!
  • More boards and pieces for NagaSkaki!
  • Download extra boards and pieces for NagaSkaki!
  • A new section where we explain technical stuff in simple terms, see our idiots guide!
  • Fixed errors on NagaSkaki's move generation page and added a sample file on generating moves.
  • NagaSkaki 5.00 has been released! Now shows captured pieces, possible moves and more
  • Can you save electricity by switching your geyser off? We've done some experiments and have the results here!
  • We're busy updating NagaSkaki! New Features will include:
    - Show captured pieces
    - Easy setup of positions
    - Updated chess boards

  • Hyper Terminal not quite your thing? Try the beta version of SerialWizz and see how easy serial communications can be!
  • Build a speed control for Radio Controlmodels!
  • A precision timer for use in C++ programs
  • A more detailed description of how NagaSkaki plays chess
  • The Mayothi Forum where users can ask questions, share information and discuss basically anything!
  • An addition to our electronics section: transistors
  • NagaSkaki 4.00 has been released!
  • Konnectonator is a program that plays Connect four

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